And So It Begins...Life After Wallpaper

 From Larry Janson aka "Larry Wallpaper" or in caddy circles just "Wallpaper"

...A Man God Continues to Bless!

Greetings and Welcome to My New Blog ...

"Life After Wallpaper" and Other Day Job Daydreams!

Here you will find the thoughts & writings from the artist formally known as Larry Wallpaper, who moved to and chased the good life on the shores of Hilton Head Island back in 1976 as very raw energetic 18 yr old long haired Jersey boy ( Forever proud of my roots) . Stayed for 48 yrs and  

Along the Zig Zag Course of Living...

- I laughed and cried - both a lot
- Failed and Succeeded over and over

- Hung what felt like a million rolls of wallpaper- 48 yrs

- Played Golf in my 30's as an obsession  ( I'm ok with)

- Caddied @ Harbour Town part-time for 12 yrs- Loved it

- Grew Up and Grew Older -the latter a fact of life!
- Partied ( in my 20's ) and partied some more until it wasn't fun
- Lost my way - surrendered ( at 31) and recovered ( or should I say I'm recovering one day at a time)
- Became born again 🙂

- Made lifelong friends who are more like forever family

Was Blessed to find the love of my life.

-  Blessed again, again and again  with family- became a dad at 42, 44 and 50
-  Went broke ( monetarily ) causing bankruptcy
-  Lost our house to foreclosure 

Bounced back... created wealth in the form of loved ones, family experiences and deeper faith driven ways 🙂

Fact: I loved living and working on Hilton Head Island SC for 48 years, but there always needed to be a dream of "Life After Wallpaper" before the afterlife 🙂 and now it's a reality as we now live on the north shore of Oahu.

Here is a brief Q & A of details people wanted to know...both professional and personally when I shared news of our move to Hawaii.

Q. Are you going to hang wallpaper in Hawaii?
A. No or it wouldn't be Life After...

Q. Have you been planning this for a long time?
A. Only since we visited about a year ago did we start to seriously set the wheels in motion.

Q. Did You Win the Lottery? Or Commented "you must have really saved a lot of money!"
A. No and no, fact is financially speaking most [[ normal everyday waltzing though life daydreamers only ]] would consider our move somewhat insane! READ THAT AGAIN

Q. Why Hawaii? and isn't it really expensive to live there?
A. Check Weather Forecasts and see pictures I post
and yes it's expensive here but so is HHI and life in general. Also we have family here and San Fran

Professionally ( monetarily ) work could not have been better , but time ( and repetitive motion-see above mention about hanging a million rolls of WP)  had taken it's toll on me physically  and now a month into our move I'm supremely relaxed and excited to be in our present chapter of 

- as friend recently said "Living Our Best Life"

I could go on ( and I will 🙂 ) over time, sharing tales of my life experiences to motivate and inspire others while hopefully making you smile/laugh...along the way too !  

Aloha for now...Time to chill on the beach

Larry J

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